Digital Documents Kept Safe and Backed Up - MouseCalls

Frank Bainbridge was retired, or so he thought. That didn’t seem to keep him from working, however. He had boxes and file cabinets filled with 40 plus years of work history documents and items in his apartment, and he continued to be extraordinarily productive.

All that came crashing down in January 2018. Frank lost everything in the Creekwood Apartments fire in Bellevue, Tennessee. Frank is a MouseCalls VIP client, so by default, everything on his computer of any importance was backed up at redundant data centers in different parts of the country. While that sounds like an expensive service, it is actually included even in MouseCalls’ entry level plans.

After Frank relocated, he reached out so that we could procure him a replacement computer. MouseCalls ordered Frank a new Dell laptop, with the solid-state drive so that it would perform like a smart phone with a quick boot time and instantaneous response. Then, we restored all his files. Frank may have lost decades worth of paperwork, but he didn’t lose one digital document. Upon setting him up in his new home office, he remarked that he had never been worried about the data on his computer, because “MouseCalls always had his back.” That’s about the highest compliment we could ask for!