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Backup is Critical!  MouseCalls Has a Proven History with Backup & Recovery.

Backup is the core of the MouseCalls offering. We see many IT services offer antivirus, support…just about everything you can imagine as an entry-level offering, however, backup is considered an extra feature. Our philosophy at MouseCalls, however, is that there is nothing more important than offsite backup, and that’s why we are the only company we know that includes it in every offering, both consumer and commercial, and on every machine.

There are multiple revisions of your files that stretch back six months in time. Many free or low-cost services, such as Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, may be a synchronization program rather than true backup, and many people fail to recognize the difference. I recall a business person who brought us his computer because he had been hit by ransomware. All his offsite “backup” was encrypted by the same rent somewhere. The infected files had nearly synchronized over to the offsite storage, and no good copies could be retrieved. We have also seen the catastrophic effects of someone deleting files from offsite storage to save money, thinking that they would be safe on the local computer, when in fact that deletion synchronized back to it.

All MouseCalls clients receive data transfer and/or data restoration at no additional charge. In late summer of 2017, a long time MouseCalls consumer client inadvertently introduced s ransomware into her system. She was up late and just clicked on the wrong thing at the wrong time. The next day, we had the infection cleaned up and her files restored within 40 minutes. What is unfortunate is that that particular client is better protected than over half of the commercial businesses that MouseCalls audits.

Today’s small to mid-sized businesses, or SMBs, are creating more data than ever. Their growth calls for more robust solutions to back up their business critical data. Due to limited financial and IT resources, it is crucial for small business to know exactly what to look for in a backup solution.

Successful backup is critical for a small business and is the foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity. Without it, recovery and continuity cannot exist.

Additionally, the rate of cyber attacks on small businesses is alarmingly high. According to research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance:

• Almost 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack.
• More than 70 percent of attacks target small businesses.
• As much as 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months.

Technologies that were created decades ago to store data are simply not enough. Antiquated methods, like tape backup, aren’t going to ensure data retention and recovery during business critical time windows. When choosing a backup solution, small businesses should look for six important pieces of criteria: comprehensiveness, ease of use, recoverability, performance and reliability, affordability, and scalability.