Thanks for helping me get my computer virus free and offering me protection for one year! I’m so glad you’re so close right in the neighborhood and you help my whole family!


Our experience was very good especially since we are not that familiar with computers. Our computer was picked up when it was suppose to be and we were called to know what the problem was and what it would cost for repairs. It was repaired and returned when they said it would be. As far as I know it is ok. I still have problems with email (outlook express), but I think it is a Microsoft problem. I have been in contact with them, but it still is not right. I think MouseCalls did their job very well.

Anonymous Online Review

The technician was very professional and arrived promptly. He was also friendly and had a good attitude. Also, I am a woman, and I know quite a bit about computers, but he had no way of knowing that. In a lot of scenarios with computer techs I have been “talked down to.” This was not the case. He listened to me and never talked down to me. The technician was diligent and did a good job of addressing my issues with my computers.

Faye Combs

Our company has always been very pleased with the service we have received from Mouse Calls. They are always very helpful and take care of our problems quickly. When taking equipment into their location, the employees are very friendly and remember my name every time. We are glad that we have a dependable business to contact whenever we have computer problems.

Mattress King

Had a problem. It went away. That is good.


The young man who helped me was wonderful, you need to keep him and have him specialize in working with confused old ladies. Thanks so much for being there!!

Mary Lou Pierce

Results Through People

When push comes to shove, Alan will jump in and make sure the job gets done. Whenever there’s a crisis and something isn’t working, I can count on him! I simply can’t be down, so that’s really the key. We had an issue once with AT&T and I was on the help line – Alan jumped in and talked with them. He could’ve said ‘you work it out with the help line’ but instead, he got on the call and I really appreciate that.

Hank Yost